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Wanted: “Homeowners with Cockroach Problems”

“How You Can Defeat Cockroaches Creeping in the Surrounding Area in Which You Live”


Do you know where Cockroaches are found mostly?
Yes, their main harborage is inside your Septic Tanks! (spp. periplaneta americana

If you experienced a cockroach that runs recklessly and crawled up on you, you brush it off quickly but did you notice that this insect has got rough legs? If you’re a cockroach-phobic, will this be a “hysteric” moments?

Imagine for a second, if you see one Cockroach lurking inside your house, maybe there are twenty more you can find. Isn’t this, a good reason to get rid of them as soon?Why not, live without them (at least, not all of them) from today!

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American Cockroach
Periplaneta americana
Length:38mm long

This is one of the largest house- infesting cockroach species and most dominant species found living inside Malaysian homes. American Cockroach thrives well indoors and outdoors. They can be found infesting sewer systems of which this become one of the reasons how it could have moved into the living space, while other common areas infested by them are warehouses, restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries and where food are prepared or stored. This species has been known to gnaw at finger nails.

They can certainly run and most probably can fly but is more of a gliding type for short distances. Their bodies color is Brown and their young are pale brown.

How fast does the Female cockroach reproduce?
Female deposit her eggs case as soon as it is produced. Adult female may live 12-18 months and lays as many as 30 egg cases.

What other names given to “American Cockroach”?
They are also known as “Bombay canary” by the English dockhands.

Where to look for them?
Their primary habitat is found inside septic or sewerage tanks.

What do they like?
Cockroaches eat almost anything including meats and grease, starchy foods, sweets, baked goods, leather, wallpaper paste, book bindings and sizing. This species has known to be inebriates; they go for fermented materials as preference.

German Cockroach
Blattella germanica
Length: 16mm long

This is one of the most common species infesting Hotels and Restaurants in the country. It is not common in living premises.  German cockroach is easily identified by the two dark longitudinal stripes on their head (pronotum).

The male which is light brown somewhat boat shaped while the female is slightly darker in color and broader and rounded posterior. The males are more active, the female are active when they are not carrying an egg case.

How fast does the Female cockroach reproduce?
The female German cockroach produces more eggs per capsule than any other cockroach species and its young complete their growth in a shorter period of time.  Adult female may live for about 6 months, producing an egg case a month.

What other names given to “German Cockroach”?
They are also known as “steam fly” by the English.

Where to look for them?
Where there is abundant of food and water especially in kitchen restaurant, German cockroaches are usually found in crack and crevice, False ceiling, Electrical conduits, behind shelves, in between greasy card boxes, kitchen equipments and the edge of the preparation table.

What do they like?
The survival of this species and proliferation depends on its conditions found in a commercial kitchen. The poorer the sanitation or the presence of excessive moisture, high temperatures, food debris or grease causes German cockroaches to thrive.

Brown Cockroach
Periplaneta brunnea
Length: 12-16mm long

Brown cockroach is often mistaken for an American cockroach, though they look alike.

This species is the second most dominant species in living premises in Malaysia and is often found in suburban and rural areas. This cockroach is larger and darker than American Cockroach.

How fast does the Female cockroach reproduce?
The female produces average of 24 eggs per capsule as compared to American cockroach of 16 eggs. They are capable of producing offspring without mating, although the female  normally copulates within few hours after  the final molt.

What other names given to “Brown Cockroach”?
They are much darker brown than American Cockroach.

Where to look for them?
It is commonly found in drains and sewers similar to periplaneta americana. It occurs indoors, as well as under the bark of trees and in sewers.

What do they like?
They congregate at night in garbage areas and during the day, they can be found outdoors nearby vegetation.

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