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ďAre you SWATTING Flies While You Eat?Ē

"How To STOP And Avoid Annoying Flies
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This common housefly is a cosmopolitan in distribution.

They are close association with human dwellings and widely distributed in tropical countries.

Since this species adapt very well with human environment, it became a serious problem.

Type of Flies found locally
Found in Malaysia, beside the house fly (Musca domestica L), other synanthropic flies like Musca Sorbens, Chrysomya megacephala, rufifacies, Lucilia cuprina, Sarcophaga species, Ophyra species and other species are common in lowlands and highlands, particular plentiful in Poultry , dairy farm or dumping grounds.

What Concerns you is the Medical and Economic Importance.
Whatever names of fly mentioned above, never mind their names (donít twist your tongue pronouncing them), mostly flies are nuisance! Flies are transmitters of diseases because they feed on Human and animal wastes.

Their bacteria from the wastes stick to their mouth, pads and hairs and may then deposit on your food of which you consume.

They are capable of transmitting certain diseases such as cholera, dysentery and typhoid fever to people via food due to their behavioral traits. Other disease of certain helminthes infections, eye infections- trachoma and epidemic conjunctivitis and certain skin infections-cutaneous  diphtheria, some mycoses.

Their presence is considered a sign of Unhygienic conditions.

Life Cycle
House flies undergoes complete metamorphosis. There are 4 stages: Egg, Larva or maggot, Pupa and Adult stage.

The rate of development of eggs, larvae and pupae is strongly influenced by temperature. The shortest total life cycle is 8- 10 days.

Where do you find House fly breeding and its Habitat?
Houseflies are choosy in their habitat selection. They breed in variety of decaying, fermenting or rotting organic matter of both animal and vegetable origin.

Where Else to look for them:

  • Dung- is only suitable for fly breeding in the 1st few days to a week after it has been deposited. Houseflies do not breed in composted dung.

  • Garbage- includes waste associated with activities at home, public places.

  • Organic Manure- Vegetable farms with heavily manures of dung, garbage, fish, prawn meal

  • Decaying plant materials- piles of decaying grass clippings, compost heaps and other accumulation vegetable matter

How do you Control flies?
There are 3 basic principles to control house fly:

  • Sanitation - Elimination of all sources of attraction, using effective disposal methods

  • Exclusion - by window and door screens. Beaded curtain are alternative to screens.
    High velocity fan properly placed or in position that blows a direct air current against doorway.

  • Non Chemical measures- use devices like ultraviolet light traps, sticky fly traps or baited fly traps.

Chemical Treatment
This method is used should sanitation and exclusion measures are found to be inadequate. Application of residual insecticides is applied to Breeding places, Resting sites or areas or surfaces frequent by flies. You treat flies infestation with toxic baits, by space treatment (ULV, fogging)

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