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"What if Termites Find Its Way Into Your Home?"

"What Would You Do?"

You Want To STOP them in their Tracks.
...And the Smartest Way is... NOT to Treat It on Your Own
This small Insect does Big Damages
..NOW, You Can END Termite Infestations by this Simple and Easy Way

If you’re experiencing these termite problems, you probably know, 

they do just one thing D-A-M-A-G-E ! 

If you’ve not, this may happen…

It’s nothing unusual about this, that’s what Termites do; they look for food while leaving their “creative patterns” behind. Can you picture this, the damages they caused? a hassle experienced by homeowners. What next? It’s the High-Cost to FIX the damages or to repair is troublesome!  

How to STOP termites in their tracks? How you can reach the Root cause of the infestations-the Termite Colony, and SOLVE termite problems if you act this...

Let’s get to know a little fact about them here:

The first sign of infestation is the appearance of a swarm. If you find Alates inside your home, they probably came in through your walls. This is a revealing sign that there are termites in your home. However, if you find a swarm outside, particularly if it's coming from a stump or a tree, the infestation may not have reached the building.

These Alates can look a lot like ants -here's how to tell the difference:

  1. Ants have a narrow waist. Termites do not.

  2. Ants' front wings are significantly longer than their back wings. Termites' wings are of same length, and they can fold straight back down the length of the termite's body.

  3. Ants' antennae are bent.

  4. Termites' antennae do not bend, and they look like a very fine string of pearls.

Here are some other common signs of home termite infestation:

  • Wings: Alates shed their wings just after swarming. When the Alates are inside your home,  they typically shed their wings near lights or Car Porch.

  • Decayed wood: Termite damage generally follows the grain of the wood. A termite also fills the damaged wood with soil. Damage from other sources, like water or fungus, doesn't follow this pattern.

  • Soil tubes: Termites will tunnel their soil tubes in concrete, brick and other surfaces in order to get to wood. If you break the soil tubes or open them, you will see live termite soldiers or workers inside.

Termite damage happens from the inside out, so it can be hard to detect an infestation. If the wood in your house sounds hollow when knocked with a hard object, there may be termite activity inside. You can also use a screwdriver and torchlight (for lights) to carefully probe at any spots that you believe termites might be hiding. This can reveal the damaged wood and the termites themselves.

Treating a termite infestation requires a Professional Wood Destroying Organism Expert.

Next, we'll take a look at the most common method used to get rid of termites.

If you discover an infestation of Cockroach or Ants in your home, you can often take care of it with over-the-counter products or a Do It Yourself. With Termite infestation, this is not so. Although some of the chemicals that kill Cockroaches or Ants will also kill termites, applying them to a termite infestation requires special tools and Expertise.

When a Pest Control Operator comes to your home, he will first do the inspection to determine that termites are the culprit. It is possible for Home Owners to misidentify the signs as water damage or Wood borers for termite damage.

What if the Pest Control Operator finds sure signs of termites, he may use one of the three treatment methods:

  • Baits : Using Termite Baiting System to poison the rest of the colony.

  • Repellents : Treat Wooden structure by means of Gas Fumigation or Preventative materials to discourage termites from eating a particular area.

  • Termiticides : This method involves Drilling around the perimeter of the building with Pumping of Chemical solution into the ground to form a chemical barrier. It is known as Corrective Soil Treatment (CST).

So if you Discover “White Ants” infestation on your property DON’T DISTURB their trails, Seek Expertise, get the TERMITE-MAN to determine the extent of this infestation, can you stand the presence of termites?

Check your home, inspect them regularly and see you’ve got them? If you do this, You can save yourself from a whole lot of trouble.

Of all Pests, “White Ants” are the most Destructive Pest and it is the Homeowners’ Nightmares when it happens. Now, You can STOP them at their track; You can Manage this Destructive “White Ants” and Ease your Worry or Fear from this Destructive Pest.

“Thousands Now Kill Termite Colony Who Never Thought they could …with these few steps”

Caution: When “White Ants” infestations are spotted or discovered don’t disturb their trails, doing so may cause them to “hibernate” and may appear again in other spots within the same location of your building.

Take Immediate Action Now and Shut Termites out of your home today, feed termites with the food they crave-The EXTERRA Termite bait.

“Your Decision makes the Difference in your Home”

These are your SIX STEPS to “Exploding” Termite Colony with EXTERRA TERMITE INTERCEPTION AND BAITING SYSTEM, where you can STOP them in their Tracks!

Here’s how it goes with EXTERRA Termite Interception and Baiting System:

1. Exterra gets to work in the ground…

The first step of using Exterra is to fix In-Ground Stations around the building at points where termites are likely to be looking for food in the ground. Each station contains Six pieces of Non toxic timber [eucalyptus] put together to attract termites, proven to Termites’ liking.

2. ...and inside your home quickly

The Above-Ground Station approach is when termites are already in your home. Bait is placed inside this station, securely locked. The Above Ground Station speeds up the process of Ending the Colony or Nest. After one or several feedings, when the inactive sign of termites begin to show, the Above Ground Station is removed next.

3. Termites have been Intercepted…

This Unique [Patented] design of the Exterra Station allows for Termites to be seen without disturbing them. During this feeding process, it is very IMPORTANT that Termites are not disturbed. 

4....So it’s time to put Exterra Bait to work

Exterra Bait is added without disturbing the termites. This is important to reach a quick and steady result. EXTERRA Bait is highly delicious to termites and they readily eat it as their first choice compared to timber. Once termites start feeding on EXTERRA Bait they stop feeding on the timbers in your home. What’s more, EXTERRA Bait is Non-Toxic to you, your family, pets and the Environment.

5. Termites can’t resist Exterra Bait which leads to the Colony’s quick death

The Termites feed on the Exterra Bait and takes it back to the Nest where baits are fed slowly to the whole colony. Since termites die slowly, they do not link the whole Colony’s death with the feeding of Exterra Bait. This is to make sure the whole Colony is destroyed.

6. The Colony is Destroyed

When Termites are not seen anymore, the ABOVE Ground Stations are removed from inside your home. Fresh timbers will be replaced inside the IN-Ground Stations if there are installed in the home-ground, this is to make sure “Peace of Mind” monitoring of termites continues.

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