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Company Profile

Kilpest Pahang Sdn.Bhd. [424607-W] established in 1997 with a PCO License No. PCO/PAH/5/047; Licensed Fumigators SK-038/101/2010 (B), Registered with Ministry of Finance No. 35700046045; an Active member of Pest Control Association of Malaysia; Certificate of Competency [AIB] in HACCP, CHRA Compliant.

Our Assets… and Competency

Our staffs are fully trained and licensed since the introduction of the Pest Control Operator Act 2004, the owner and the company staffs gone through the exercise to be competent in this Field of Pest Control - being Certified and Competent, confidently providing you the expertise on how to control Pest Problems in your home.

Why you should know our Mission Statement

We Believe in Solving Homeowners’ worry and fear from Pest. The need of our Customer shall be met through our approach toward Pests complied with knowledge ability and manageable level of Pest Control techniques available to our Industry.

We Believe in Ethics with keen efforts to provide Good or Reasonable services. Working out a culture of serving our customers professionally is becoming a peak priority on our list! This is important to our business, additionally; the constant training of staffs and updating of tested insecticides to provide our customers a reasonable pest control services whereby “our treatment lasts longer”, using effective chemicals and approved methods supplied by Well-known manufacturers.

Your Expectation and Hope

" There's a CURE for Pest Infested Homes Today "

Pest is Ev'ry where...?

"Some Bite, Some Sting and Some...a Public Health Concern"

Pests can be found almost every where in Private residences, Commercial operations, Food industry, and Public facilities.

For example, Termite is a Common Pest found in the above sectors.This Pest destroy and Damages more than what they can eat. This turned into more costs in terms of Maintenance and Repairs of Damaged parts in your Home or property. Obviously, you want to get rid of them right now, wouldn't you?

As you read on, You Want to Act on it Right now and to know that…

Kilpest , a Recognized Pest Control Operator in Town help SOLVE your Pest infestations that are Destructive or Health threatening; by using a more Reliable method/s to lessen Pest Infestations through proper channel that is Safe and Effective to make your living place [ your Home ], a real home where your Comforts are not compromise!

As you Check this Out, You’re Now thinking of this Pest Control Company with certain standard to qualify your needs:

  • A Pest Control Operator that recognize your Pest Problems and know how to deal with it correctly, using appropriate or the Latest technology and knowledge to manage Pest.
  • To apply dosage according to ‘Label’, to the appropriate area of infestation without worrying of Toxicity. [Label on Insecticide bottle is the Law]
  • To reduce the unnecessary Pest disturbance and claim your Rights to Healthy Living!
  • To provide you a Re treatment, in short, We'll Re Do it for FREE, to the pests and Infestations contract agreement that you've signed for.
  • To expect No messy work [your Home is as Clean and Neat] after our technicians have finished with your work as when they arrived.
  • You deserved our commitment on Appointment on Time Frame, You do not have to wait all day for us - "We'll Be There".

It is "Your Decision Now… makes the Difference in Your Home"

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